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World-Class Business Law Litigation: Push your Business to the Next Level with a Business Law Attorney at HTY. Expansion is at the core of ROI and the consequent growth of any business. While this sounds straightforward, there are numerous processes involved, and more often than not legal tussles ensue. That’s why it’s prudent to seek professional legal commercial transactions representation to ensure the process sails through without a hitch.

Who are we?

HTY runs a Business Law division dedicated to legal representation in general business, real estate transactions, and any other commercial business. We are a team of skilled, zealous, and experienced commercial transaction lawyers that are dedicated to offer you personalized and top-shelf legal representation in general business, formation of business entities, business consulting, and business sale and acquisition.

Our business law department also represents clients in sale and acquisition of real estate, negotiation of commercial property lease, tenant evictions, lease drafting, alcoholic beverages licensing for hotels, restaurants, and convenience stores.

What services we offer

Our business transactions representation department at HTY serves as outside counsel for small to medium-sized businesses. Our passionate and experienced commercial transaction litigators handle all legal issues for these businesses including business formation, contracting, and negotiations with other business entities. Led by Brandon Kastaw, our skilled business lawyers also leverage their vast expertise and experience to give counsel and consultancy to businesses.

We also represent commercial real estate buyers, sellers, and developers in their legal, transaction, and development processes. Along with this, we iron out legal requirements to enable various industries such as cannabis industries to get licensing and lease, purchase, or sell real estate properties. Additionally, we help commercial landlords to sort out rental collections and tenant bankruptcies as well as negotiate and draft lease agreement documents.


At HTY, we believe in partnering with our clients to offer a custom-tailored first-class commercial transactions representation package for each case, every time. We journey with you through the whole process from the negotiations stage and conducting in-depth due diligence to closing the deal and beyond.

With our lawyers’ deep knowledge and vast experience in commercial transaction litigation, we’re adept at handling simple collections cases and complex cases such as disputes from breach of contract. Even better, we’ve been at this for a long time and can thus fight for your Big Win verdict.
Our team of litigators and support staff is governed by a strict code of values to ensure we offer stellar legal commercial transactions litigation and counsel to you.

Michigan’s Business Lawyer

We integrate these values in our service delivery to ensure you get that Big Win:
● Communication
We keep you informed of all proceedings and progress of your case every step of the way so you can understand the process and outcome.
● Compassion
Our team is inherently compassionate and will give you the support you need to sail through your commercial transactions process or case successfully.
● Honesty
We’ll be honest with you, the opposing party and their counsel, the court, and everyone else in the judicial process to guarantee fairness.
● Patience
Count on us to be patient with you whenever you need explanation on the legal details, proceedings, and repercussions of your commercial transactions case, or when you just need someone to listen to you during a trying time in your business.

Are you in the search for an expert law firm that’s passionate and experienced to handle your commercial transactions litigation in general business or a specific business such as real estate leasing and more? Call 855-558-8250 to schedule a meeting with our world-class business law attorneys or discuss the intricacies of your case. We’ll listen to you first before outlining a personalized Win Big strategy.